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The Compact Multi-Functional Workstation for Easy Document Verification

Inspec 6 is a desktop document verification system that can handle documents up to A4/Letter size (210 x 300 mm) and includes an external 10x LED magnifier.


  • Border control / immigration services
  • Customs authorities
  • Financial institutions
  • Forensic laboratories

8 integrated illumination systems

  • White transmitted light (LED): for identification of water marks, mechanical erasures, safeguarding threads
  • UV 365 / 313 / 254 nm: Fluorescent lamps 2x6W and 1x6W each, with safety features for UV 254/313 nm, for identification of authenticity of paper, chemical erasures, fibers and security marks
  • White top light (LED): for printing techniques, OVD, OVI verification
  • White oblique light (LED): 5W LED with condenser for identification of mechanical erasures, embossed stamps, exchange of photographs
  • Handheld high intensity white spotlight: Flexible verification of ID documents in side light or transmitted light, strong light output, flexible hand-held light source
  • Vertical surface light (Retro) (LED): Light source with deflection mirror (retro mirror), for identification of retro-reflective security marks


  • Universal digital camera adapter
  • Carrying case (for basic system)


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